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Trade from anywhere with our easy to use platform to master markets like never before.

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Trading on iPad

Simple yet effective, the trading and exchange service provided for iPad gives an unmatched trading
experience. It comes with several benefits.


No complicated tactics.


Great flow of trading.

Easy Tracking

Miss nothing.

No Brokers Involved

No profit sharing.

Control in Hand

Trade the way you like.

Quick Payments

Smooth transactional facility.

Simple UI

Easy to operate.

Touch & Progress With Better Trading

Portability is the key facility. Travel with your trading partner anywhere and trade anytime.

The Ipad Is Known For Productivity, With Atallia Its Possible For You

Handle your account and control your flow with the simple UI for iPad.

Trading on iPad is never that simple. With features luring your mind and profits touching the top charts, users satisfaction is unmatched.

  • Work with trading
  • Fast and fine trading
  • Daily affairs notified
  • Controlling and earning
  • Surf the market
  • Easy access to your account
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