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An advanced training platform designed to stand out on the demanding needs of active traders.

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Get flexibility in the market

With Atallia, you will be trading with experienced traders and enjoy the fruits of your investment while the traders will do the work for you. Save effort and time with every investment you make with our agile tools and experienced masters of the trade.

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Innovative & Agile Forex

The Foreign exchange market is growing at a very fast pace. The market is one of the most liquid and exciting market-present all around the globe.
We are a multi-awarded trading platform who are proficient in their work and deliver tight spreads that start from very low pips.

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Advantage of Trading

We at Atallia, aim for 100% client satisfaction and try
to cater to the best.

Unceasing Forex With us, you can trade currencies 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Trade on the Margin You can leverage the trade of Forex with major currency pairs.

Unrivaled Liquidity With our deep liquidity, it makes it easier to get in and out of the trade.

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Discover the Beneficial Realm of Forex with ATILLA!

Providing no desk intervention while trading ensuring customer satisfaction.

We provide Forex trading across a plethora of devices and operating systems, which have a customizable interface and on-click trading options.

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Competitive Forex Spreads

We cater the best spreads with margins and trading hours with our most popular forex
pairs. We have Spread on USD/JPY EUR/USD and AUD/USD that starts from very low pips.

Markets Sell Buy Change %
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.03
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02
EURUSD 10.605 172.11 0.02

Why Trade With ATALLIA

We provide a lot of foreign exchange opportunities for every trader irrespective of their experience in the market.
If you are looking for an environment with active trading, then Forex with Atallia is the best way for you.

We are the first choice as trusted brokers for our clients in several countries.
We provide the trade with CFDs on Forex, Spot Metals, Futures, Indices, etc.
We provide a plethora of platforms including cTrader, Edge, MT5, and MT4.
We are honored with several international awards that are evidence of our credibility.
We are your trusted platforms that are authorized within all regulations.
Our platform is customer-centric with an innovative and user-friendly design.

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